Home with Packed Things ❤

Tonight, I rest on my bed after more than 24 hours of traveling back from Paris to Manila. It's been a lovely 8 days with my family -- especially that it's the first time that my dad traveled with all his remaining daughters. Work is ahead of me, but for now, I'd want to remember... Continue Reading →


Ciao Portofino!

A brief visit to Portofino left me quite full. Dad was on a hunt for sole -- the kind of fish he's been looking for since we got to Italy. When he found a restaurant that served one, he happily got us a table. While he and my nephew Luke got sole, I tried something... Continue Reading →

Lemon Granitaaa!

I think this is my third lemon slushie/granita on this trip. I'm truly savoring what's truly and refreshingly Italian! This one is from Monterosso, bought at mid-afternoon under the sweltering heat of the summer sun.

The Highlight of My Vernazza Trip

Yes, the fried calamari with a glass of Moscato at Trattoria Da Sandro! I'm not a fan of crowded places. I'll remind myself not to come back here during summer. Grateful though to have revisited the room I stayed in, the beach that was just awesome at night with all the stars, the Belforte restaurant... Continue Reading →

Hola Manarola!

Excuse the Spanish while I'm in Italy. It simply rhymes. 😉 I'm currently in Vernazza as I type this. This used to be a town that has endeared my heart, but it's just overly crowded to appreciate it now. Hence, I'm posting about Manarola instead. It's just 2 stops away by train, between the Riomaggiore... Continue Reading →

Heartbreaking Error

As we've checked the train schedule via the Trenit app for tomorrow, I've bought tickets ahead already since we're leaving early in the morning. When I got to the hotel, I realized I ordered for an extra person! I was so used to being 6 together, that it didn't come to mind that we're just... Continue Reading →

Lazing Around Bellagio

A less than 15-minute ferry takes you from Varenna to Bellagio.  As I type this at past 5 in the afternoon, I am enjoying lying on the grass, on my back, with just my bag as my head pillow.  The cool wind breeze is a lovely company to the picturesque mountain skyline and blue skies,... Continue Reading →

Italian Fare for Late Afternoon Lunch

Because my sister and I decided to explore Varenna separately (we silently agreed to it), and a bit exhausted from walking around, I ended up having my late lunch at Ristorante Cavallino. I had my first pasta on this trip -- spaghetti alla Bolognese... ... and my first Italian coffee. Strong. Too strong for my... Continue Reading →

How to Eat Pizza in Italy

Order one whole pizza per individual! Pizza is thaaaat good here. It's just hard not to have all pieces to yourself! 😉  Well, of course you can share.. or maybe trade slices with a friend who ordered a different kind. 😉

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