Home with Packed Things ❤

Tonight, I rest on my bed after more than 24 hours of traveling back from Paris to Manila.

It’s been a lovely 8 days with my family — especially that it’s the first time that my dad traveled with all his remaining daughters.

Work is ahead of me, but for now, I’d want to remember some things that dawned on me on this trip.

  • We have a generous dad who wants us to experience the great things he has experienced. He wants us to experience things all together.

  • We, each of us 4 sisters, are all very different from each other, but we are loved the same way by our dad.

  • My eldest sister Jet is fascinated with history. My sisters Bab and Michelle are interested with museums and who-had-been-who as well. On this trip, I realized that it’s a privilege to be in countries with great history, but knowing the past doesn’t interest me as much. I’m more interested in the now — appreciating how things have become and how they are in the present. If the buildings are not as ‘historic’-looking, I’d still see their beauty — or maybe I’m more drawn to the simple than to those having so many details. In the picture below, I was drawn more to a girl lying on the grass than on the scultptures in the museum garden we were in.

  • I’m drawn to flowers wherever they may be planted or posted.

  • I like the view of the mountains and seas, but I like exploring the town more.

  • I’m not fond of the big cities. I like the smaller towns more.

  • Just a thought after my heartbreaking error of buying train tickets for 6 people instead of for just 5 after my dad reimbursed me for the worth of 6 tickets (and even €5 more): God can redeem our mistakes — even those that are seemingly irreversible. He can do even more.

At the end of the trip, I come home realizing even more how privileged I am to be able to experience seeing another part of the world and to be a daughter of a loving father. I come home realizing even more that I am so blessed to be loved by my dad, and all the more by my heavenly Dad.

It was a sweet and lovely trip to remember. 


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