The Beautiful Town of Varenna

The earthy, but vibrant colors of the houses, hotels, and buildings accentuate the natural beauty of the town surrounded by the glorious mountains and calming lake. Oh what breathtaking views!


Gelato for Brunch

When in Italy, who says there's a proper time for gelato? It could almost be breakfast, but that's just waaaayyy to early. ;p Got a Straciatella on this lovely area of Varenna!

Seeking the Authentic Tiramisu

Here goes the first one from Verenna Caffe in Varenna by Lake Como. Paired with ginseng coffee and the view of Lake Como.. Hmm.. It's less sweet than I hope it would be. But it's yummy because of the exhilarating view!

The Unlikely in Milan

At almost midnight, right after we checked in at the hotel, it is surprising to see my dad join us for pizza on our first night in Italy. It wouldn't have really been surprising for him to eat out late, but the thing was... we were in a bar.. with very loud music. He didn't... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of Being Known

Fragments and Passager Cafe are just two of the cafes my sister Michelle brought me to in our trip in Paris. Fragments is her favorite coffee shop, while Passager Cafe is something she just stumbled upon while studying Google Maps ;p On our first day here, she asked me what kind of places I wanted... Continue Reading →

Dessert Comes First!

There's a food blog by the name of this post. I'm sorry that the post title doesn't have originality, but it really sums up what I just had --- dessert for lunch! While my dad and sister ordered starters and their main courses, I literally just ordered dessert for lunch. The wait staff must have... Continue Reading →

Spring is Here!

It was a good 3 months of winter down my alley, but I'm also glad to come out of it excited for the flowers to finally bud and bloom. There are so many things that await me. I'm just excited for spring! Thank You, God, for this new season!

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